What We're Making- August

It's been a quiet summer for classes, but a busy time behind the scenes! Lots of fun planning, and little bits of sewing.

Today Kiyoko and I got together for a quick catch up and some stitching.  I'm working on a quilt with some fabric from The Makehouse, and spent some time planning the layout, while Kiyoko finished up her bathing suit from the weekend workshop. This weekend was a lot of fun, and we both made our first bathing suits! 

Schedule Excitement!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I am so excited about the schedule that's coming up! The last week and a half has been a virtual marathon of behind the scenes work: planning, editing, rearranging etc. Then actually getting the classes up where you can find them- here on the (newly reorganized) website, facebook and google calendars.

I'm so proud that The Spool is at the point that we can plan September to June, and know that we will be here for the community, that people can plan around us, and that I have created a space for guest teachers from near and far to share their skills and knowledge.

A few new exciting things: You will see that Kiyoko is teaching many more classes! We've been sewing together almost daily for a year and a half, and she's been amazing to work with and as a teacher. Every review I've gotten is glowing and I'm so glad to share her enthusiasm with the world- though I selfishly want to keep her as my private cheerleader/muse.

We have Danni of Island Sewing Campbell River coming up to teach you to use your serger, Jody of Penguin and Owl Acres for felting adorable critters (coming online soon), Kiyoko for knitting in addition to her workload of sewing classes, and Lana of Sunrise Stitchery teaching us about slow stitching and Sashiko embroidery. We have Punch Needle rug hooking nights, where you can "try it before you buy it", by taking a one night class before investing in the beautiful handmade tool you need for Punch needle- you'll be hooked (get it?) . We are introducing some more intermediate classes for all those folks who've taken almost EVERY. SINGLE. CLASS (THANK YOU! The Spool exists because of every one of you who support us!!!)

But we're not done yet! We've got some fun classes for 2019 that we are keeping under wraps for now, and we are still up for requests and private group classes!

Now, this is an old picture, because I've been too busy getting all this work together to take a dance-party picture, so just trust that I am feeling like this: (minus the flannel and jeans, it's way too hot)


Spool News

Happy Summer! We are pleased to be starting up a Spool Blog, featuring Spool News (new classes, fabrics, patterns or tools in store), What We Are Making (sharing our favourite new makes), Featured Students (featuring inspiring students), and Tutorials on some of our favourite techniques. We are doing a slow release as we start up this summer, but hope for weekly posts by Kiyoko and Nicole by fall. 

If you've got a request for a tutorial, a student to nominate for interview, or any ideas we should write about, let us know with a quick email! I've been off the blog-o-sphere for a few years, since starting the brick and mortar shop, so it'll be great to flex that part of my brain again. 

In current news, you may notice we now have a sign up for a newsletter! I'm not a huge fan of the regular newsletters, but we've had many people request one to announce new classes when they come out, so from now one we will release a newsletter every 3 months or so, or whenever we are launching new classes. This year we are launching our core classes from September to June ALL at the same time, and then smaller classes or modifications every three months. So sign up to get dibs on those!

Kiyoko and I spent a lovely day with a photographer getting sweet west coast shots of some linen sample garments, and our linen is back in stock after selling out!