PDF Feature: Blueprints for Sewing

Taylor, style icon!

We are so excited to be carrying PDF patterns in our online shop- so you can sign up for classes and buy your pattern at the same time! We will continue to carry indie paper patterns, but for those who prefer to print up  their patterns again and again, PDFs are a great option!

I want to take some time to recognize and thank the designers who share their beautiful work with us, and are making their work available on our site. Today: Taylor McVay of Blueprints for Sewing. Taylor has the.best.style. I'm always inspired by her instagram posts, and her generally autumny-attire. She likes the same palette as I do, so of course I always covet her clothes.

I've loved her work for a long time, the casually elegant aesthetic and the clever premise of Architecture inspired clothing. There are so many parallels in architecture and garments, when we think of structure, design lines, details. What a great idea to blend them and celebrate those parallels.

Taylor teaches all around the Boston area, and that experience really come through in her patterns, they are clear and wonderfully written. 

"Teaching sewing was what really got to the source of it all. Helping people sew, to make and design their own clothing, has been and continues to be a rewarding and liberating experience."

The Geodesic Top has been a really popular class for us, especially for those who like to upcycle old fabrics. It's the most versatile pattern I can think of- it's been made with knits, wovens, a combination, and it always looks great! Some people will pick one fabric to showcase, and then surround it with neutrals to make it pop. One student truly turned her top into a work of art, with detailed stitching on every panel, reusing pockets from old shirts that belonged to a loved one.


The Next Geodesic class is coming in October- we'll pull out a bin of linen remnants, and you'll create a work of art! 

Nicole Bertram