DIY Stockings

Prep for the holidays with these fun and easy to sew stockings!

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Saturday, Dec. 4, 1-5 PM. (4 hrs total)


Is there a new member of your family celebrating their first Christmas with you? Or perhaps you’ve got a new home and want some funky custom stockings for the whole household? This 4 hour class has got you covered! Make a super minimalist stocking, add a cuff or even applique some initials on there. Materials should be chosen before class: 0.5m of 45” wide fabric is enough for one unlined stocking, and you can use a FQ or mix and match if you like!

Covid Protocols
We ask students to wear masks for the duration of class. Please take fresh air breaks as necessary. In kids’ classes, kids may remove masks as long as they are in their own station.

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