Sew your Capsule Wardrobe

Planning and building your Capsule Wardrobe!

About this experience

Are you ready to make your own Wardrobe? Let go! This Capsule-Wardrobe themed class is flexible to meet you where you are at. You can choose one project that builds several skills, or a couple projects, and learn to work on simultaneous garments to build a me-made wardrobre efficiently! 

Prerequisites: You should be fairly comfortable on a sewing machine, you know how to fill your bobbin and choose stitch settings. You've made a project or two, and want to build your knowledge.

A loose schedule will look like this

Week One: Students bring their favourite garments, any fabric or patterns they already want to work with, and an idea of what colours/themes they'd like to work with. Our First class is all about planning several projects in the future. We will also begin cutting our patterns out, after going over sizing/selection and adjusting. 

Week Two: Cutting Fabric for a couple of projects, how to prep and stay organized. Planning out our sewing, and practicing important techniques. Orientation on Sergers and Coverstitch machine. 

Week Three/Four: Construction of garments, using efficient methods. You'll see things come together quickly!

Week Five/Six: Finishing Techniques, and working away on your projects. Learn Bias finishing, collars, waistband (depending on your projects.

We like to separate different parts of learning, so focusing on construction on this class means you may not want a super fitted garment. We will got over some basic fit adjustments, but this will not be a tailored shirt class. You can choose from Woven or Knit projects, but we suggest sticking with one type to avoid constant switching between stitches.

There are many patterns to choose from in store, come on by to choose!

Patterns and materials are not included, but you do receive a 20% discount on your pattern!

Also note: This truly is a learning journey, with a teacher guiding each of you towards your sewing goals. It's a small group class, and people work at their own pace. Students who prefer to take a little more time, or who miss a class may need to work on homework between classes, or book in for Open Sew time. We have Supported Open Sew on a regular schedule, as well as non-instructional Sewcials and Your Studio time that can be booked if you don't have a sewing machine at home. We do our best to encourage and support you in finishing your project, but make no guarantee of completion if students miss classes or need extra time. We cannot guarantee available make up classes. We are all individuals in learning style!

Please review our refund/cancellation to avoid future disappointment:

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Nicole is the founder and owner of The Spool, a passionate teacher and goofball. Her favourite things to make are clothes, but she usually has a quilt or two on the go as well!