The Noble Tee- Beginner Friendly!

Learn to Sew this humble yet noble wardrobe staple!

About this experience

Raise up the humble tshirt to its’ rightful place as a core wardrobe staple, and honour the work that goes into its’ production by learning to make your own. With only a simple domestic sewing machine, no fancy sergers or coverstitch, you can make a shirt that will last years.

This 5 hour class is broken into logical chunks, and you'll see just how fast it can be to make your own clothes once you learn the basics and the trouble shooting. Your first Tshirt may take 5 hours, but in no time you'll be making them for yourself in an hour or two!

please note, you MUST arrive at your first class with your pattern and fabric chosen, fabric washed and paper pattern cut out. This saves us using class time for cutting paper. Please book your free consultation by texting Nicole at 250-890-3318. I will walk you through options and help you choose your size so you can feel confident in getting started at home.

-sewists who like to take a little extra time may need to complete homework between classes to ensure completion!

-Prerequisite: some knowledge of the sewing machine; Get To Know the Sewing Machine or Foundations are good starting points. If you sign up without knowledge of threading the machines, I will just thread them for you with a quick demo, as we won't have time to go in depth in other topics! 

You may just never want to buy a t-shirt again! This class comes with a 20% Discount on any tshirt pattern.

Week 1: Work with and understand how to read a sewing pattern, cut fabric and start sewing your tshirt

Week 2: Complete your Tee! 

Also note: This truly is a learning journey, with a teacher guiding each of you towards your sewing goals. It's a small group class, and people work at their own pace. Students who prefer to take a little more time, or who miss a class may need to work on homework between classes, or book in for Open Sew time. We have Supported Open Sew on a regular schedule, as well as non-instructional Sewcials and Your Studio time that can be booked if you don't have a sewing machine at home. We do our best to encourage and support you in finishing your project, but make no guarantee of completion if students miss classes or need extra time. We cannot guarantee available make up classes. We are all individuals in learning style!

Please review our refund/cancellation to avoid future disappointment: