Simple Sewing summer Camp

Kids Age 8+ will love learning to sew here!

About this experience

Got a keen kiddo ready to sew? This camp will go through a lot of simple projects and allow for some creative experimentation!

Students will go over basic sewing skills and machine use, and make a selection of projects! Kids with previous sewing experience, or who are maybe older and get things done faster will be offered additional challenges to make this a great class for kids and teens alike! I love having multi-age and skill level classes and watching kids interact with each other as they make things.

Things like pillows, aprons, bags, zippered pouches, stuffies and simple patchwork. Students will be able to add flair and personality to the projects they choose.

All materials are included to make this as simple as can be. 

Please note: while this course is all skill levels, you know your kids best.2.5 hours a day for four days is a LOT of sewing, a lot of focus and a lot of hard work. If you have a kiddo who can sit and craft for hours, it's a good fit, but if your kiddo is more bouncy and distractable, a one-day, after school or multi-week class is a better fit. I'm all about meeting kids where they are, but that also means putting them in the classes that they will have the best chance of enjoyment and success!