Teen Fashion Summer Camp

Ages +11 will love making their own clothes!

About this experience

Who's ready for a fashion adventure?

This four day camp is a condensed course for ages 11+ to dive into making clothes. Over 16 hours (the equivalent of 2.5 MONTHS of after school classes, but with more efficiency and flow!) kids will build countless skills and have a great time.

We will have basic pattern templates ready to be played with to create the designs your kids come up with!

Please note: while this course is all skill levels, you know your kids best. Four hours a day is a LOT of sewing, a lot of focus and a lot of hard work. If you have a kiddo who can sit and craft for hours, it's a good fit, but if your kiddo is more bouncy and distractable, a one-day, after school or multi-week class is a better fit. I'm all about meeting kids where they are, but that also means putting them in the classes that they will have the best chance of enjoyment and success! 

Each day will be split into sections: the first part of the day will be skills-building while creating a portifolio. Part two will be using those skills to work on their independent designs.

Day 1: Sewing machine basics, basic seams/finishing, learning to cut patterns and fabrics. Playing with design.

Day 2: Zippers, Pockets, Ruffles, Independent Project 

Day 3: Waistbands, hems, cuffs, Independent Project

Day 4: Open skills building as needed, Independent Project completions!

Materials are included, but if students have some fabric or garments (to upcycle) that they'd like to bring, they are welcome to! Students with very particular fabric needs may need to source it themselves, or be flexible in their designs! (i can't have EVERYTHING!)

Please pack lunch/snacks!