Bag Making with Lorraine

Keep building those sewing skills, with this great class!

About this experience

Join Lorraine for this great bag-making class!

You will use the Traverse Bag by Noodlehead Patterns, with a small modification to make it even more beginner-friendly.

Choose from two sizes!

This class is a great way to keep practicing those straight lines, sewing zippers, and making accurate measurements and cuts. You'll learn how to use bag patterns, rotary cutters, and hardware.

For your convenience, we have included all the hardware, straps, zippers (with a few colours to choose from) and interfacing, so all you need to buy is your fabric. Use a lovely canvas or even a linen! 

The only prerequisite: Basic knowledge of the sewing machine (Foundations, Get to Know your sewing machine class or Fundamentals are a great start.). If you are still beginner, Lorraine can help set up your machine, but there isn't time to explain how to thread the machine, in order to keep the class focused on bag making!

Class $120

Kit:$35: Includes pattern, all hardware, zippers, interfacing.

Fabric: Not included. 

Requirements based on 44”-wide fabric.

Mini size noted in { }.

  • ¾ yard {½ yard} Exterior Fabric

  • ¾ yard {½ yard} Lining Fabric

  • ½ yard {½  yard} Accent Fabric


Also note: This truly is a learning journey, with a teacher guiding each of you towards your sewing goals. It's a small group class, and people work at their own pace. Students who prefer to take a little more time, or who miss a class may need to work on homework between classes, or book in for Open Sew time. We have Supported Open Sew on a regular schedule, as well as non-instructional Sewcials and Your Studio time that can be booked if you don't have a sewing machine at home. We do our best to encourage and support you in finishing your project, but make no guarantee of completion if students miss classes or need extra time. We cannot guarantee available make up classes. We are all individuals in learning style!


Please review our refund/cancellation to avoid future disappointment: