Sewing Fundamentals- An 8 Week Journey

Level One Sewing Classes to give your new hobby a boost!

About this experience

If you have specific sewing goals, and want to commit to yourself to learn to sew your own wardrobe, this is the class to give you a kickstart to a life of sewing!

 *Please note: due to the higher time and financial investment of this class, if you would like to pay in two installments, register and select “Pay via etransfer” as your payment option, and make a note that you’ll split the payment in two. As always, we want to balance the needs of a small business to survive and the needs of the community, so do not hesitate to reach out if this class is out of your reach.

Combining and tweaking our 4 week Foundations and our Noble Tee classes, this 8 week course is designed to take you from absolute beginner to confident beginner, while you build a community with your classmates. Whether you've never sewn a stitch, it's just been a long time; or you've been trying and getting frustrated, this class is for you! 

Skills Developed:

  • Learn to thread and troubleshoot a sewing machine

  • Understand different fibres and fabrics

  • How to read a pattern, and understanding this new language of sewing terms

  • Working with Woven and Knit Fabrics

  • Sewing zippers

  • Developing spatial and fine motor skills in your brain and hands!

  • Sewing french seams, burrito seam, stretch seams

  • Learning to make small adjustments to patterns to suit your body.

  • And Sew much more!

You will leave this class with a complete tote bag, including a zippered pocket, french seams and box corners (if you don’t know what some of those are- you will!), as well as a you-made tshirt you can wear home!

Included in the class fee is: 

  • digital workshop pack to refer to for the rest of your sewing life

  • reusable paper pattern of the tshirt of your choice (at a 20% discount)

  • digital tote bag pattern

  • zipper for your bag

  • test fabrics

Not included: Tote bag fabric/straps,thread, Tshirt Fabric. We’ve found that some people prefer to bring their own, or choose in store. Please don’t bring fabric to your first class, or buy in advance, as you will be taught about different fabrics and how to select fabric for your project! 

*Also note: This truly is a learning journey, with a teacher guiding each of you towards your sewing goals. It's a small group class, and people work at their own pace. Students who prefer to take a little more time, or who miss a class may need to work on homework between classes, or book in for Open Sew time. We have Supported Open Sew on a regular schedule, as well as non-instructional Sewcials and Your Studio time that can be booked if you don't have a sewing machine at home. We do our best to encourage and support you in finishing your project, but make no guarantee of completion if students miss classes or need extra time. We are all individuals in learning style!