Thursday Spring Sewing

Thursday Spring Sewing


  Introducing a new 8-week session from April 12-May 31 on Thursdays from 3-4:30PM.

It will cost $185+GST ($194.25)


It will be mixed level and age (generally around 9-13- but please get in touch if you have questions), which I've been having great success with this year. Older or more experienced students both have opportunities for leadership and for skill building within projects, while younger students seem to have improved focus and try harder in their projects. This system is also allowing for siblings to sew together instead of coming on separate days. We will go over machine basics and straight line sewing for the beginners, while intermediate students are working on tracing patterns out and accurately cutting fabric. 

We will be starting with a hoodie, which has some really fantastic finishing details that you don't normally see on patterns for kids to make. I've been very impressed with my current 12 students who are making it- some of whom have been with me for two years, and some for whom this is their very first project! We will also make a zippered bag with patchwork.


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