Mondays 4:30-5:45PM

Mondays 4:30-5:45PM


13 Weeks. September 9- December 16th. No Class Thanksgiving or Remembrance day.

Ages 10+

This second class on Mondays is for the slightly older kids/high school kids who have later dismissal and can’t make it to the earlier class, but we still have just as much fun as the younger class! This full semester class will have a bit of everything, depending on the skills and wishes of the students. We will go over machine basics (or review for our returning students), and work on crafts, clothes and more. Fashion accessories and functional objects (bags, buckets and bowls) are always a hit and so is free time, when kids get to go digging for fabric treasure and make something inspired! We encourage upcycling and recycling of old clothes, and self expression through textile arts.

We keep a wide range of printed up projects, books and patterns on hand to be as flexible as possible to allow kids to be self directed in their sewing. We believe that the best way to learn to sew is to love to sew!

Payment plans are available, by emailing

We never wish to turn a student away due to lack of funds, so please don’t hesitate to contact Nicole!

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