Envelope Cushion Cover- Beginner Friendly!

Envelope Cushion Cover- Beginner Friendly!


January: Saturday 12th, 5-7PM

February: Saturday 2, 3-5PM

Grab a cushion from your couch, and let’s give it a little update! All straight lines makes this one of our favourite beginner friendly projects! You may find yourself re-covering all of your cushions! This class is appropriate for kids 10+ accompanying participating adult (please register for two spots and mention in the form the age of the kid!)

Material needs:

Cushion, Fabric, Thread to match.

Formula for purchasing fabric (roughly). Measure the pillow across the height and width, and you will need roughly 2.75 of the total area, to create overlap in the back. For instance, the pictured cushion is 21”x14” , so I used approxiametly 1/2m (22”) of 45” fabric. Getting extra is always a good idea so you are not worried about cutting things too short. Directional prints require more in order to keep the print in the direction you want. If in doubt, 1m will be enough for most small cushions! I suggest Home decor fabric rather than quilting cotton. We carry a range of lightweight canvas options. You can always pop in before the class to check them out and for measurement help- bring your cushion!

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