DIY Reusable Produce Bags

DIY Reusable Produce Bags


Saturday, November 23, 1-3PM

Join us to make an eco friendly option for buying produce. We will use unbleached cotton, but you are also welcome to bring your remnants, old button up shirts, or even old sheets!

We have 5 sizes of patterns ready to go:

The Bates Berry: For your herbs, garlic, berries or other wee things.

The Amara: Just need a few of something? You’ll want to make a BUNCH of this size, it’s one of the most useful.

The Farmers Market: Great for potatoes, apples, whatever takes a bit more space. or load up a few things in once they are rung through.

The Siefferts: This Beast was designed to accommodate the miraculous and monstrous Romaine lettuce from my regular farm market, Siefferts. No regular bag can contain that lettuce!

The Local: Perfect for things like celery, carrots, rhubarb, cucumbers, kale.

We will have machines set up and ready to go. Kids 10+ are welcome with an adult (please buy two seats)

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