Draft Your Bodice!

Draft Your Bodice!


October: Saturday & Sunday, 26-27. 10AM-5PM (1 hour lunch from 1-2PM)

Do you need a new sewing challenge? Do you find sewing patterns just aren’t designed with your body in mind? Build skills, community, and spatial awareness with Sheila Wong at The Spool!

This two day intensive pattern drafting workshop teaches students how to take upper body measurements, draft front and back bodice blocks, cut and sew a bodice toile (fit sample) and learn how to adjust bodice patterns accordingly to their personal fittings with Sheila. Once bodice blocks fit well, students will finish with drafting a sleeve block. This is a great introductory course for creative individuals who have worked with commercial patterns, but would like to start their own discovery of drafting their own patterns to fit their body. This workshop will set students up to continue drafting further foundation blocks.

Please note: Please understand that the bodice blocks 'hem' lays at your natural waist line (often the smallest part of the torso/waist). For someone to create a torso block ('hem' stops at hip line- usually the largest part of butt), they need to eventually draft a skirt block (or a portion of), to accommodate for the rest of the waist to hip depth required for most shirts. There is no time in a two day workshop to introduce the drafting or even the concept of a longer bodice/torso block, or to do many adjustments/fittings of the sleeve. We are hoping to bring Sheila back regularly to build all our skills, and we want to be very clear about the limitations of two-days of learning; believing that it’s best to have a deep understanding of each part of drafting, rather than a shallow understanding of the whole.

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