4 hems- October 6

Learn four versatile hem finishes on a cozy linen or cotton gauze!

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Wednesday, Oct. 6, 5:30-7:30 PM

Beginner Plus!

This short skill building class is a great way to quickly learn AND bring home a project- either a scarf or a baby swaddling blanket! Choose from either a linen or a sweet double-gauze cotton to work with (included in course fee!)
Linen is known as a breezy light summer fabric, but it also has great insulative properties. A big wide scarf is still lightweight and glamorous, making a linen scarf an excellent addition to our west coast wardrobes. I wear mine all winter, without overheating, and it becomes a sun-cover up/towel for unplanned swims!
Cotton Double gauze is woven finely with lots of space between fibres for air, and two layers are woven together to create a breezy fabric with air pockets for cozy. Ideal for scarves and baby blankets!
In this class, you will try four variations of hem finishes, with low pressure and a lot of fun. This class includes 1m of linen or double gauze and the thread you need.

Covid Protocols
We ask students to wear masks for the duration of class. Please take fresh air breaks as necessary. In kids’ classes, kids may remove masks as long as they are in their own station.

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