Country Green- Aero Finished Linen

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This classic linen has a smooth finish, a stunning drape, and all the best characteristics of linen.  The aero- finish refers to the process used to create a shine and smooth drape using high speeds of air rather than friction or chemicals.

Image of blue linen below is to demonstrate the drape and sheen, please note that this is a BLACK linen, which is very difficult to photograph accurately and show drape!

All Fabric is sold by Half Metre increments. Please select accordingly ( i.e. 2.5m= 5 units)

Material: 100% Linen

Uses: Trousers, Boxy Tops, Skirts, Dresses

Colour: A soft emerald green, somewhat dusty, like if you wore an emerald tone dress while on a long walk down a country road, or hung it in the sunshine and it faded to the perfect comfortable colour.

Width: 52" / 132cm

Weight/Substrate: 195gsm / 5.75 oz.sq yd

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