Friday Kids Sewing, 1pm Homelearners

Creativity, Spatial skills, laughter and friendship!


$50.00 per person


1h 30min


Weekly on Fridays, 1pm-2:30pm

About this experience


September 23-December 16, 1-2:30pm, Homelearners Class (7+years) $320.25


Entering into my EIGHTH year of teaching kids (and my fifth year with some of the same kids!), I'm feeling nothing but blessed to call this my job!

My sewing classes are a fun mix of art/craft/fashion/skill. A combination of skill building, experimentation, mistake making and pride building!

Whatever your kid is interested in learning, I can help. I've had students make upcycled tailored vests, full size quilts, teeny tiny sculptures, hand stitched details on dolls, zipped jackets, backpacks, dresses, collared shirts and so so much more. 

I carry a range of projects to inspire and support, and if there's something they want I can bring it in as well.  Classes also include materials, including a budget for the front of the shop to choose from! Kids who want to sew larger projects may require more fabric, but parents will always be asked if the kids want an increase in the budget. 

Our classes are mixed age and skill range, which allows for more one-on-one for kids who need it, and for kids to build confidence in helping each other and being leaders. 

An inclusive environment of support, humour, and easy-going approach to mistakes (oops-ertunity!), I try to create a space for every kid to feel safe in trying something new, challenging themselves out of their comfort zone and to gain the skills to confidently sew for years to come!

Payment upon registration is a non-refundable deposit, to be applied to the total cost of your class ( 90min Class: $25/wk, $320.25 total including materials and GST). As always, payment plans can easily be figured out, and I'll work with families to make sure our classes are available to as many kids as possible. E-transfer is our preferred payment method, as credit cards charge small businesses larger fees, which I want to avoid passing on to folks!)

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Nicole is the owner of The Spool and has truly found her calling! Teaching people of all ages to love sewing as much as she does, she is a bouncy extrovert who loves to find as many ways to explain an idea as it takes for someone to get it- sometimes that means sounds effects, wild hand movements, ridiculous analogies, and patiently breaking things into tiny steps to learn. She adapts her classes to the needs of the individual and the group, rather than having a rigid teaching style.