Quilting Skills- Half Square Triangles!

Come and learn to make accurate and lovely triangles!

About this experience

If you've worked on your Quilting for the Terrified but Eager quilt and are ready for next steps, or even if you want to dive into a new skill, this one-day class is such fun!

We will go over the classic HST, using methods to make 2 at a time, 4 at a time and even 8 at a time! 

HST is the foundation of thousands of quilt blocks and designs, and such fun to make.

This class will not be covering quilting, binding or making large quilt tops, we are just focusing on this one skills and how to play with it.

I recommend using only two fabrics to keep them all consistent, and the class uses 1m of fabric (so, 1/2m each!) to play with. You can bring your own, or select from our shop. We will discuss colour, value, print/solid and more in selecting your fabric at the start of class, and then dive right in!

Students who donate their blocks to our Community Quilt initiative, being organized with a local high school student will have to option to dig into our Spool Stash in the back to use for the class!