Intro to Embroidery

Learn some new stitches as you make a simple custom patch!

About this experience

Stitching away through the seasons is a lovely way to keep hands busy and minds quiet. The benefits of stitching are not simply about a product, but can be a quiet moment in a loud world, a way to spend time putting love into a garment or customize anything! 

In this class, you'll explore stitching through different fabrics, using hoops and transfer paper, and learn different kids of stitches to express yourself.  

You'll learn just how basic your sewing kit can be while still being able to add flair to your favourite things. 

We explore running stitch, and how that is used in sashiko stitching, we play with french knots and satin stitch and more! 

I also share with you some of my favourite resources and stitch libraries. 

Materials are included, and you are invited to bring along an item to stitch on!