Introduction to Embroidery- February 9

Gain a foundation of skills to get you started on your embroidery journey!

About this experience

Wednesday Feb. 9, 5:30-7:30 PM (2 hrs total)

All levels!

Join us for a relaxing evening of stitching and learning new skills! This intro will go over fabric choices and preparation, different styles of embroidery, and basic stitches like: knotless ends, running stitch, french stitch, backstitch and satin stitch. With those few skills you can create anything you can imagine! You will also get to try different kinds of thread; sashiko thread, DMC floss, tapestry yarn.

Covid Protocols
We ask students to wear masks for the duration of class. Please take fresh air breaks as necessary. In kids’ classes, kids may remove masks as long as they are in their own station.


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