Keepsake Tshirt Quilting!

Upcycle those special tees and baby clothes into a cuddly quilt!

About this experience

December 10 11am-1pm, February 4 3-5pm

Got a bag of tshirts too special to let go of but too small, worn or stained to wear? Let's upcycle those into a sweet picnic blanket!

This two hour class will NOT complete a project, but will be a chance to learn the skills to make those tees into a keepsake quilt. Full of handy tips and tricks, we will work on dismantling clothes, designing, and working on a variety of fabrics. You'll leave with the confidence to keep building your quilt top bit by bit as you find more clothes to upcycle!

If you need to learn the other aspects of quilting- including the actual quilting and binding, I recommend the Quilting for the Terrified but Eager!

Bring your clean old clothes and any other textiles you'd like to incorporate, or choose a special print from the shop to carry through your quilt for consistency, like the sample photo! This class is particular to tshirts, keep an eye out for upcoming upcycling classes using denim and woven clothes!