Kids Into to Quilting!

Design and make a custom mini-quilt!

About this experience

Kids who've done a bit of sewing (Ages 7+) and who want to dive a little deeper, can join this longer weekend class to make a mini-quilt! We will go over all the skills needed to make a full size quilt from beginning to end, but in a small enough format to complete in one day. We will play with colour, texture and talk about how to be safe using the tools. After taking this class, kids will be ready to take their new skills home to build a quilt slowly over months! 

This class will go over

    • accurate measuring and using rotary cutters and rulers

    • sewing straight even lines

    • Pressing seams

    • playing with design and colour

    • building a quilt top block by block, row by row 

    • Simple Quilting

    • Binding the quilt

Why a mini quilt? So much of quilting is repeating steps for hour after hour, so in order to keep the class reasonably affordable and not be running it for the 8hrs it normally takes, we are modifying the pattern to be all about learning and skill building!

What can we do with the mini quilt? Use it as a decorative wall hanging, a table centrepiece, a doll quilt, turn it into a pillow! 

This class is 4 hours long, so please ensure that your kids can happily sit and focus for that long and that they come prepared with a snack, water bottle and something to read or play with if they need a break! 

Kids who are more beginner, or who aren't quite ready to sew for four hours may like our Adult and Child Sewing classes for short satisfying projects!