Perfect Pockets 1- Further Fundamentals

Build your skills in this themed workshop!

About this experience

Sometimes we want to build skills without a specific project in mind. This condensed thematic class is a great way to do that!

We will work on making tidy and accurate pockets, using plain cotton muslin that you can refer back to in future projects! Add these to your skill-kit.

  • patch pockets with sharp corners and topstitching

  • slash front pockets

  • adding in-seam to any project or existing garment

Learning certain skills outside of a project can be a great way to try something out with lower stakes- you're not going to mess up on your nice fabric or your garment by using practice fabric! We are also less inclined to rush steps if we aren't trying to make a product. 

This class is part of our new Further Fundamentals Classes. If there are skills you'd like to focus on, please send up an email and I'll see what I can do!