Sewing Clothes- Tops/Dresses-Level 2

About this experience

Are you ready to make your own tops and dresses? Let us support you in building your sewing skills in this Top/Dress-Themed class.

Prerequisites: You should be fairly comfortable on a sewing machine, you know how to fill your bobbin and choose stitch settings. You've made a project or two, and want to build your knowledge.

Please note: Please come in for a 10-15min consultation to choose a project, or confirm that a project you have in mind will be appropriate, as well as to choose sizing (feel free to book a time by texting 250-890-3318) You MUST arrive at the first class with your paper pattern cut out and your fabric washed (if you are comforatble cutting your fabric out, you may do so). Students who arrive unprepared will end up using their learning time to do basic paper cutting, and will need to do homework to complete their project.

Over the course of 6 total hours, you will learn to follow a pattern and construct more complex Tops or Dresses. Finding a pattern with darts, bias binding, a simple collar or facing, or using fancy seam finishes will have you feeling like a pro- or at least on your way to it!

We like to separate different parts of learning, so focusing on construction on this class means you may not want a super fitted garment. We will got over some basic fit adjustments, but this will not be a tailored shirt class. You can choose from Woven or Knit projects, but we suggest choosing one that you haven't worked with yet for a fun challenge. 

Some projects that will build skills include:

There are many more to choose from in store, come on by to choose!

Patterns and materials are not included, but you do receive a 20% discount on your pattern!