Slow Stitch Series

An exploration with Lori Kenney

About this experience

If you find yourself seeking a chance to slow down, to deepen your relationship with your garments and with your self, this 3-4 week series is an opportunity to do just that.

Join costume maker and artist Lori Kenney for a deep breath and many small stitches. 

The practical side of this course is one of basic sewing skills many of us are missing, taking care of our clothes to make our wardrobe last longer.

The artistic side of this course will help you add character and understand traditional textile art practices from around the world, connecting you to the way humans have worked with fibres through history.

The meditative elements of this series will help you slow down, connect to your breathing and the rhythm of stitching.

Take inspiration from global textile traditions such as Kantha
techniques, mending and darning, and Japanese Boro, which focuses on re-purposing old textiles, re-piecing fabrics and building texture with stitch. Bring awareness to the calming repetition of hand stitch rhythms and discover the simple pleasure of making.

There will be time in this class for connection with each other, and portions of silence and breath.

The goal is to leave this series with a set of skills and abilities you can carry with you to calm your heart in times of need.

Please bring some worn and loved garments, as well as any scraps you would like to incorporate. 

We will include materials to use, and have additional supplies available for purchase to bring home. 

Your Host

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Lori Kenney is a life long maker, a costume maker, tailor and artist. She has had a long career in film and TV costumes and looks forward to connecting with more local makers and sharing her skills!