Spring Kids' Sewing 2023

From April-June

About this experience

All our kids' classes in one place! 

  • Tuesdays: 3-5pm (April 11-June 20)- $388.50

  • Wednesdays: 3-4:30pm- (April 12- June 21) $304.50

  • Wednesdays 4:45-6pm- April 12- June 21 $262.50

  • Thursdays: 3-4:15pm- April 13-June 22 $262.50

  • Thursdays 4:30-5:45pm- April 13-June 22 $262.50

  • Fridays: 1-2:30pm-April 14-June 16 $278.25

  • Fridays: 3-4:30pm -April 14-June 16 $278.25


Reserve your space by booking and paying the $50 deposit, and the rest of payment is due via etransfer in the new session. I  am happy to break the pricing down to monthly payments!

Most of our classes are already full, so I'm adding only the available spaces on the website. Our sewing classes have a max of 7 students, of mixed ages and skill levels, which allows for a high level of teacher help!

In my sewing classes, kids guide their learning by choosing their projects and getting the support they need. Sometimes that means they experiment with making a dozen small pillows, sometimes they work on clothes or quilts, some kids try their hands at designing and some prefer set projects. I adapt to the learning style of each kid, giving space to their energy level on a given day, and gently challenging when appropriate.

Sewing classes at The Spool are much more than just sewing skills. Kids work together to take care of the space at the end of each class, cleaning up after themselves and helping each other. They help each other with sewing skills when I am helping someone else, giving experienced kids the chance to be leaders. There is a space of kindness, humour, flexibility and joy as we learn together and experiement together and make mistakes!