Structured Cushion- Further Fundamentals with Paloma Joy

Get started on sewing housewares while being super eco-friendly!

About this experience

Sewing rectangular cushions is a satisfying level-up sewing moment!

Join Paloma Joy for this upcycled version, where we stuff it entirely with scrap fabric, making a cushion that is dense yet forgiving.

You'll learn to line up corners and add side gussets to a cushion to add depth, skills you can use for basic upholstery of foam cushions as well! 

You can choose to leave it un-stuffed and keep it in your sewing room to collect your scraps and keep them out of the landfill! 

Bring your up-cycle ready clothes/tapestries etc, to play with and create a new piece of art for your home.

We will have a bin of scraps ready for you, plus some random additions of fabrics, but you'll want to bring most of what you want.

*Please note our cancellation policies before signing up

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