Sew-pportive Class

Flexible Class time for any project!

About this experience

Sewpport is a good time to get some help on your sewing projects! Come in with your project and drink some tea, make some friends, and sew up a storm.

 Sew-pport is a flexible learning time where you can sign up for as many or as few sessions as you need. Sometimes we need a little help, but don't want to commit to a three week class- or sometimes our project is too big to fit within the standard multi-week sessions. 

Most of our garment sewing classes are 6-8 hours, enough for a simple garment, but not long enough for things like jeans or button up shirts. You can work on quilts, bags, mending, making patterns from your favourite clothes, specific techniques or random projects- whatever you like! 

Feel free to reach out to discuss your goals, so I can help you make a sewing plan that fits for you. 

When signing up, you can add 'customer notes' with your planned project if you like, or just show up and I'll help you out!

If one of my specific project classes has been appealing but has not worked for your timing (like Rope Bowl, Mending or others), sign up for one class and learn what you like!