Upcycle Adventure Intensive Weekend

Teen/Adult Class!

About this experience

This weekend intensive is a great chance to really sink your teeth into creative growth! Spend from 10am-3pm sewing, and then go jump in the river, laze around on the beach, or meet friends for dinner. 

Paloma will guide your through skills, techniques and inspiration in Upcycling, while you work on your own creations in your own style! 

Learn techniques like Applique (and reverse applique), patchwork, adding cuffs or combing multiple garments. 

Make housewares (cushions, tote bags etc), or garments. 

Dig through those clothes and bring your old jeans, tops, tablecloths or any other textiles that aren't living their best life. 

This class is for Teens (14+) and Adults. There will be a lunch break in the middle of the day, so you can bring food or support one of the many cool restaurants around town! I also encourage you to bring swim gear, as it gets hot in the studio and you may want a lunch time dip in the river!

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