Wednesday Morning Kids' Classes

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Wednesdays 10:30-12pm

January 12-March 16

Our Kids classes are always a great time!

Our emphasis is on learning new skills through exploration, experimentation, following interests and taking risks. Students choose their own projects with some guidance for appropriate challenges, and work their way through week by week. Some students work on sewing art projects, and some get really excited about clothes, and all interests are valid and encouraged. Students also take a lot of responsibility for their space, and work collectively to care for the larger space, tidy up and help each other through sewing challenges. We create an environment of respect, care and compassion- as well as one of joking, puns, and dance parties! A mix of age ranges and experience levels means that newer kids can get a little extra assistance.

Pricing is $294 including GST - which will include about $40 worth of fabric (we like to leave a little wiggle room, and that's $30 plus a 30% discount). This budget is generally enough for one bigger project- hoodie, pants. We also have our fun bins of fabric that are free to use; perfect for the little quilty, stuffy, mess-around projects!

Classes will begin January 12 and end March 16th.  You can call or email us anytime for questions before securing your space. We can also reserve spaces with a deposit and have payment plans for anyone who prefers that! Masks are still required in all our classes.