Contemporary Embroidery on Black

Contemporary Embroidery on Black


Saturday September 14, 10-1:30pm

In this workshop you will be introduced to distinct ways of creating textures through embroidery without following stitches! This is a different and nontraditional way that Katy has been practising for years creating a unique style which rich in colour, movement, and texture.

Most of the work for this workshop is inspired by the colourful South American culture, using yarn and thread to stitch on a black background. This is not a workshop to learn traditional stitches but instead you are encouraged to experiment with Katy's style and also find your own voice. It is a great moment to unleash your inner playfulness and enjoy the process while you are meditating through creating. All materials are included and additional kits are available for purchase!

Artist Bio:

Katy Biele is a mixed media artist who can't sit still. She was born in the south of Chile. The concept of turning imagination into real images was impressed in Katy.  She began playing with colours at a young age and found herself on an artistic path that lead to design school in Santiago. She graduated with a degree in graphic design from Diego Portales in Chile and followed up with several illustration courses. Her love of fabrics led her to start up a small clothing business where she could experiment with design concepts and bring fashion ideas to life.  

During 4 years of traveling and living in different countries she continued to make art. On her travels through south-east Asia she fell in love with textiles and began to collect them. In 2015 Katy started her first hands-on embroidery experience, working with refugee Pakistani embroidery artists from the Thar desert. She started a crowd-funding campaign to raise awareness and help them reach a bigger market. 

From that moment on Katy has been stitching and painting a new world of freestyle hand embroidery, mixing imagination with intuition.

Katy Biele now lives and works on the west coast of Canada. She sells her artwork, does collaborations and teaches classes around the world.

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