Punch-Needle Rug Hooking!

Punch-Needle Rug Hooking!


Friday September 6th, 5:30-7:30PM

It's possible that Punch Needle rug hooking is the most satisfying things I've tried!  Using high quality Amy Oxford Needle Punch sets, Van isle made frames and a huge range of yarns, join us for a lovely evening of Punch Needle!

This is very much an introduction to the skills and tools you need for this delightful craft. We have a variety of needle sizes and yarn sizes to get a sense of the technique but also the variety of loops and textures you can create. We have a nearly completed mat so you can also try the edge finishing, and we talk about ways to use your punch needle projects. This evening is NOT about completing a project, but rather sampling the skills and tools to determine if it’s the craft for you.

The cost of this class is able to stay low because you are not required to purchase the needle or frames, but we will have both available for purchase for those who are…hooked!

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