DIY Undies!

DIY Undies!


October Saturday, 21: 12-4pm

Includes Undies pattern, and enough elastic for two pairs of Undies!
Amost everyone has a glut of old T-shirts around the house, right? Company picnic 1996, Triathalon 2001, bands you love but won't wear on your chest anymore? Thrift stores don't want those old shirts and the world's landfills have more than enough textile waste. Meanwhile, what conditions are your current undies made in? Maybe your collection could use a refresh!

Let's solve both those issues while also having a raucous good time making your own undies from recycled T-shirts and fabric remnants! The course includes enough high quality and pretty elastic for two pairs of undies. Some people like to bring their favourite pair, and we spend some time turning it into a new pattern you can use over and over!

Don't forget to bring your old T-shirts!

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