Blueprints for a Handmade Wardrobe

Blueprints for a Handmade Wardrobe


January: Mondays, 8TH- 22ND, 11AM-1PM

Choose your Blueprints for Sewing Pattern, and make a new garment in three two-hour classes. Choose between the Geodesic top, the A-Line Skirt or the Saltbox Top. There's a range of skills to build within each pattern, not to mention lessons about the Architectural Inspiration behind each pattern!

The Geodesic Top is a genius design based on Buckminster Fuller's Geodesic dome. Blueprints for Sewing makes clothing patterns based on significant architectural ideas, and not only are they interesting, they look great!

If you choose the Geodesic, I like to emphasize up cycling old t-shirts (bring some along!) and fabric remnants (provided by The Spool!). It's a great introduction to sewing with knits, thinking outside the box and playing with colours and textures. You can also make a front panel with woven materials, and use knits for the sleeves and back of the shirt. 

The A-Frame Skirt is flattering and has wonderfully deep pockets. It's a wonderful structure to put together, and gives you a chance to try a lapped zipper and a proper waistband.

The Saltbox Top is a great way to showcase a favourite fabric by framing it with contrast on the bias (great to practice sewing on the bias too!). It has no closures or fussy bits, and includes a set-in sleeve.

Patterns are available online at as a PDF, or Paper format at The Spool. Come on by for a fabric consult!

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