Perfect Pants

Perfect Pants


WEEKEND CLASS, 16 hours total


Learn how to draft made-to- measure pants patterns after the principles of the renowned “M. Mueller Son” Patternmaking System (RUNDSCHAU System, Germany). Create custom pants from scratch with body measurements and balance measurement for a perfect fit. Discover the secrets of fitting different figure proportions and postures. In this hands-on class you will draft, fit and sew a basic sloper for your personal pair of pants. Explore the designing, draping, drafting, and sample making (sewing) procedures used in industrial fashion design departments to produce high-end clothing. The gained knowledge can be applied on the job, in a home business, and for personal sewing.

Saturday November 18th, 8 hours (9am -5pm) Bring a lunch! Coffee/Tea, snacks provided!

Learn about body measurements and calculated proportional measurements. Please wear leggings, tight pants or underwear in which you feel comfortable with someone else measuring you. We will talk about obvious figure proportions and postures. We will also take balance measurement to determine different figures and postures such as, full seat, flat seat, strong hips, one-sided strong hip, prominent abdomen and more. We will start drafting the basic pants block with your personal measurements and calculated proportional measurements. 

Sunday November 19th, 8 hours ( 9am -5 pm) Catered Vegetarian and gluten free lunch provided!

We will finish drafting the pants pattern. Then we will cut, sew and fit your personal pants sloper from Muslin fabric. We will discuss the fit; determine problems for certain figure proportions and discuss how to adjust the basic pattern accordingly. This will be the fun part after all the hard work of calculating and drafting! Be prepared to wear your comfortable underwear since it might happen to you that we need to cut your Muslin sloper open directly on your body for fitting certain areas such as strong thighs or a full seat. At the end we will have a variety of different figure types and postures since everybody is build differently. The students will get a hand-out with the pattern construction, the measurement principles, the measurement calculations, balance measurements and an overview about different figure proportions, all according to the M. Mueller & Son RUNDSCHAU System.

This class is suitable for ladies as well as gents.


The Instructor

Sabine David is the owner and founder of Suncoast Custom, a company specialized in computer aided patternmaking and design services. Being in the apparel industry for over 25 years, Sabine has extensive industry experience in design, patternmaking, grading and production. Sabine David has run a CAD patternmaking service for a variety of clients for more than 20 years.

Sabine studied patternmaking and design at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, Germany. She graduated 1996 with honours and earned a Bachelor Degree in Clothing Technology. Sabine is also a trained dressmaker and instructor. After a 3-year apprenticeship in dressmaking, she has worked for 5 years as a tailor and dressmaker. She has shared her knowledge since 1995 in the RUNDSCHAU (Magazine for Fashion and Pattern Techniques) 

The Space: Lupine Art Studio #8-625 Cliffe Ave.

Coffee, tea, accoutrements and some light snacks are provided. Please let us know about any dietary restrictions. Wear comfortable clothes that you can change in and out of (a change area will be provided!)



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