Weekly Personal Challenge Group

Weekly Personal Challenge Group


Ongoing: Fridays


If you've got a project you want to try and are intimidated by, a project you feel stuck on, or have been waiting for a particular pattern to be used as a Spool class, this open-challenge is for you! Grab a friend and a project, and take advantage of this lower-hourly-cost class to work on whatever you like!

There will be more instruction than just a drop in fee, as much support as you need, and by making a commitment in advance, you are more likely to get that project done. 

This class is ideal for those adventurous beginners, or new intermediates who want a challenge and don't mind a bit of homework to see some progress. Maybe you'll try making jeans, a more complex dress, or a quilt! It's up to you, though I suggest leaving a comment when you register so I can best support you and organize the space around multiple people.


Choose your quantity of weeks, and in the form, let me know your start date and whether they will be continuous weeks (perhaps you'll commit to every Friday in November, or alternating Fridays for two months- figure out what works for you and we'll schedule you in!!

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