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The Spool Sewing Studio is an inclusive space for the community to gather. We offer after-school programs for kids, adult workshops, camps and more. Learn to sew in a non-judgemental space where one can feel comfortable making mistakes and learning from them.


At The Spool, we not only want you to learn how to sew but why to sew. While learning the skills and exploring creativity, we are also exploring what goes into the construction of every day items we may take for granted. The knowledge of those skills also gives us power as consumers as we can shift our buying away from trends, cheapness and ‘fast fashion’ towards quality, human compassion and a greater relationship with the objects in our lives.

The Spool Sewing Studio is also a part of the vibrant creative community of the Comox Valley. Through involvement in textile events like Pieces, Make/Mend Cafes, pop up shops, craft fairs and fundraisers, as well as hosting guest teachers and teaching outside of the Spool, we love drawing people together from various walks of life to celebrate textiles and to enjoy making.


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