A welcoming place to learn how to sew, and why to sew.

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About The Spool

The Spool Sewing Studio is an inclusive space for the community to gather. We offer after-school programs for kids, adult workshops, camps and more. Learn to sew in a non-judgemental space where one can feel comfortable making mistakes and learning from them.

At The Spool, we not only want you to learn how to sew but why to sew.

While learning the skills and exploring creativity, we are also exploring what goes into the construction of every day items we may take for granted. The knowledge of those skills also gives us power as consumers as we can shift our buying away from trends, cheapness and ‘fast fashion’ towards quality, human compassion and a greater relationship with the objects in our lives.

Birthday Parties

Work with The Spool to create a wonderful party!


More Kids Sewing Program

Rope Bowl Sewcial

Everyone's favourite Foundations project is now available as a Sewcial!



It's that time of year! Pyjamarama is a winter tradition in my home and now I'm sharing it with you at The Spool!


Foundations 1~ November

Absolute beginner or rusty as an old nail? Come on by and we'll get you sewing confidently in no time!


Foundations 2 ~ November

You've gotten a good start with Foundations, now lets expand your sewing repertoire!


More Adult Workshops

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