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The rare and precious 2 hour kids' class! This class is ideal for those who want to dive deep and focus, to challenge themselves and build their sewing skills. Kids who've taken this class and are moving to later classes due to starting high school have taken on challenges like whole quilts, jeans, rompers and more. 

The Spool's classes are a blend of skill building, creative exploration and community building. Once kids have the basics down with a couple simple projects, they are encouraged to choose their own projects based on their interest, with guidance, suggestions and support to keep things interesting, appropriately challenging and exciting! 

Each person is different, each learning style is different, and I pride myself on adapting to each kid, encouraging, challenging, giving space when needed. Some kids need to repeat the same projects (just like when they were toddlers building towers!), and some want to jump around a bit between clothes, crafts, bags, quilts and more. 

Please note: This is the longest class we run. If you've got a keen kiddo who loves to run around and struggles to sit for long tasks, please see our 3-4:15 classes to give them the best chance of success. Sewing after a full day of school can be a challenge!


September 10-December 20th $682.50, Materials Included

 *non refundable deposit to secure your space, remainder of payment due at the beginning of the term. Payment plans available, and if you'd like to secure the space for the entire school year, we can spread the payments out of the whole year. Send me an email at info@thespoolsewingstudio.com if you want the whole year! 


**Please PUT YOUR CHILDS NAME AND AGE IN THE "NOTES" BOX IN CHECKOUT. Double check your email to make sure your confirmation goes to the right place (I wouldn't say it if it didn't happen!). I will email the registered families in September but you are responsible for marking the starting date.

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