LDH Pinking Shears 8”

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The LDH Pinking Shears are known for being buttery smooth and powerful enough to cut through virtually any kind of fabric. They're not like any other pinking shear out there, and are considered to be one of the best pinking shears on the market! The teeth are hand sharpened to ensure they're aligned perfectly and make precise cuts every time. They can be used in sewing, quilting, and paper crafts, and can be used to finish seams in light to medium weight fabrics, such as cotton, linen, and canvas. 

In 1990, LDH Scissors was founded in Shenzhen, just outside of Hong Kong, by a young couple who simply needed better quality sewing scissors. Built with Love, Dedication and Happiness, the company has been serving the sewing community ever since. Fast forward to 2018, their son Roy and his wife Ursula have brought the company to Toronto, Canada, bringing with them the same Love, Dedication and Happiness that made it all possible. Our scissors are designed in Toronto, Canada and have been crafted since 1990 in our family's factories in China. LDH Scissors is also proud to be immigrant, female, and family-owned!  

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