Sewing With Scraps- 20 Projects!

Sewing With Scraps- 20 Projects!

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Discover 20 fresh, inspiring ways to turn your fabric stash into wonderful items and gifts. How do you keep your piles of scrap fabric from growing out of control? Sew with them, of course!

In this inspirational book, best-selling author Debbie von Grabler-Crozier shows you how to stitch 20 stylish, fresh items from very small amounts of fabric. From tiny scraps that can be transformed into patchworked coasters, strips that can be made into scrap bunting and offcuts that can be used for pouches or pincushions, your treasured scraps can be given a new lease of life!

An invaluable crash-course on key techniques is included at the beginning of the book, and every project includes clear step-by-step instructions and a stunning photograph of the finished design to inspire.

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